White Peaches

Have you ever tried white fleshed peaches?  Not a new fruit on the market but definitely a different peach to try!  These peaches have a delicate pale green flesh and a fresh light pear/peach taste.

Seedless Grapes

Seedless grapes are now available at the fruit stand.  Luscious blue Soveriegn Cornation grapes and yummy green Himrods are available in both quarts and 2 litre baskets.  Excellant to nibble.


Nectarines, that wonderful cross between peaches and plums have reached our barn and fruit stand.  Succulent and juicy they are a great addition to your lunch bag.  Pick some up soon to enjoy!

Field Tomatoes

Round field tomatoes are a little slow ripening this summer due to wonderful, cool, sleeping nights that we have enjoyed.  They are starting to ripen and have an amazing sweet taste.


We have a wide variety of plums ready for your pleasure.  Yellow, red and blue plums are a sweet and juicy snack, easily held in your hand.  Enjoy !


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