2020 Babygold Peaches

Pre-picked Babygold peaches will be available, starting Friday, September 4 at 4275 Maple Grove Road, Beamsville. Our hours at the barn are 9 am to 4 pm daily, including Labour Day Sept 7, 2020. We do NOT allow you to pick your own peaches you can only select from the peaches that have been picked.It has been determined that the price of Babygold peaches for 2020 is $0.75 per pound and an average bushel weighs approximately 50 pounds. Please bring cash.Our crew harvests the Babygold peaches to factory #1 standard and places them in a bin. You will then be able to select the peaches you wish from the bin, into the size of container you want and these will then be weighed to determine the cost of your selected peaches.As a guide, Babygold peaches will be available for about 10 days in a normal year once we they are available(roughly Sept 14, this year). Please check back as we near the end of this period for the continued availability of peaches.We will not be taking appointments to select your peaches, nor will we be reserving quantities of peaches for you. We operated on a first come first serve basis.With COVID 19 on our minds, we will be limiting one family at a time to select their peaches from the bin. Please have your masks with you and be prepared to wait until the customer(s) ahead of you have selected their peaches.Thank you. See you soon.